Improving Your Domain Authority Score - Bloggers Complete Guide


If you work with brands Domain Authority is probably a metric you've heard of. Many brands will request blogs of a certain DA score for collaborations and sponsored content. But a lot of bloggers seem confused about what it is, what your score means and how they can improve it. With this post I hope to remove some of the mystery around this metric and provide you with ways to build your score. For my day job I work in Digital Marketing and I'll be using some of the techniques I've learnt and utilised for Improving Your Domain Authority Score.

So first of all what exactly is domain authority?

A Domain Authority score is a ranking metric created by SEO superstars Moz. This metric aims to predict how a website will rank in the search results. The scoring system goes from 1 to 100. 1 is the score given to new websites and 100 is at the top end. Reaching 100 is very difficult. For example, Facebook with its billions of users has a DA score of 100.  100 isn't attainable for most websites but there are still steps you can take to build a healthy score. A website with a low DA score will have trouble ranking high in search results whereas a site with a high score will easily rank high in results. This is why building your DA score is vital in building your blog.

To check your DA score you can use Moz's Open Site Explorer tool. It's a fantastic tool which gives you a lot of information on how your site is performing. It not only provides you with Your Domain and Page Authority scores but also details the inbound links to your site. We'll use this info for Improving Your Domain Authority Score.

improving your domain authority score

How is your score calculated?

As I said earlier Moz scores Domain Authority on a 100-point, logarithmic scale based on a number of factors including website's popularity, MozRank and MozTrust.

MozRank is measured based on the link profile of a domain. This metric is calculated by measuring the number of links that point to your domain. But having lots of sites pointing to you isn't enough, they should be high quality links. The higher quality the linking site the better your score.

It is measured from 1-10 with 10 being the top score.

MozTrust also relies on links. With MozTrust, you are ranked by how trusted your site is. If you are linked to from a heavily trusted site you will probably have a better MozTrust score.

MozTrust is scored from 0-10, and you can build your score by being linked to from highly trusted sites. To build your MozTrust score link to high-ranking websites. Avoid linking to spammy sites or low quality ones.

improving your domain authority score

Improving Your Domain Authority Score

Since DA is composed of many metrics you'll need to employ a good SEO strategy to influence it. Build your link profile by persuading high quality sites to link to you. Read on for help with Improving Your Domain Authority Score

Getting links to your site from sites with high a DA.

Rather than getting huge amounts of links from a few domains, concentrate on getting quality connections from differing sources. This could include connections from different locations, and sources than you'd usually target. Obviously, connections ought to be pertinent and ought to be of a high-caliber.

Alongside making new connections, you ought to watch out for bad links pointing to your site. You can utilise a service to monitor back links. If a spammy website is pointing to your site, make sure you request for it to be removed.

On-Site SEO:

Make sure to Noindex archive pages.

Make sure your website has a sitemap. If you're on WordPress, Yoast SEO can handle this for you. Ensure you have submitted your site map record via Google Webmasters.

Ensure you have relevant Meta title and Meta description of your homepage.

Ensure you only post high quality content. A weekly high quality post is better than 3-4 sub par posts.

Alongside publishing high-quality content, work to become a trusted source in your niche.

Improve your page load time: Use tools like pingdom or GTMetrix to check the current load time of your site. Keep load time under 3 seconds when possible.

Speed up your site by using a hosting service that is reliable and high quality.

Reduce the size of your images.

Use a caching plugin like Super Cache or W3 TotalCache.

Why not also utilise a CDN to serve content to your readers. Cloudflare is perfect for this.

A great way to get high quality links to your website is by answering questions on services like Quora, Reddit or Yahoo Answers. They are high DA sites. Don't just drop a link but provide high quality answers and include links that are relevant.

Wrapping up:

So there you have it, all you need to know about Domain Authority. So get those scores up.