Branding for bloggers

Branding! Is all about creating a visual identity that represents your brand and immediately stands out in the vast sea of blogs out there. Branding for bloggers is a mix of art and science and requires some effort on your part. The content you put out is as vital a part of your branding strategy as how your blog is visually, using consistent fonts and colours is a huge part of branding your blog, and creating a polished look for your blog is a great way of establishing your blog’s identity.

1. Select colours and fonts

Select a colour palette for your blog and use it throughout. This is a fundamental aspect of branding any type of site (not just blogs) – once you’ve established a visual identity, use it everywhere (business cards, social media, blog.)

Choose colors: Best practice is to select 2 main colours and 2 secondary colours. Try googling colour palettes, viewing sites that you like the love of or visit colour lovers website.

2. Create a logo

Your logo should utilise the colours to the ones you have decided for your site, but not the same fonts. Endeavor to keep text styles similar, however logo design requires a typeface that stands out, so make that your main need.

The most effective method to make logos: You can design your own logo utilising layouts and templates in view of your blog's specialty on an assortment of sites like Graphicriver. Or, on the other hand peruse a large number of portfolios on Fiverr, where you can get a custom logo beginning at $5. You can likewise use PicMonkey to outline your own logo. Remember that you will need high-res versions for your logo and, if conceivable, have a variant with a straightforward foundation so it's more adaptable and can be utilised pretty much anyplace.

3. Imagery

This isn't debatable. A great many studies demonstrate that posts with pictures get more clicks and reads. Your pictures ought to be a basic piece of your general branding methodology, each blog entry ought to have no less than one picture, however you might need to use more than one.

4. Know your audience

When considering the marketing of your blog, it's imperative to pick hues, fonts and styles that interest you, however speaking to the general population you'd like have following your blog is similarly as critical. Before you begin, ask yourself one question: who is my intended audience?

Recognising the readers you need to target and afterwards distinguishing what they definitely know and what sort of information they're searching for is basic to the accomplishment of any blog. In case you don't know how to recognise your target group, begin by taking a gander at well known blogs in your niche. Read the remarks and observe the posts that get the most comments to discover who you're going for.

When you design for your intended audience, you're ready to begin the visual branding process. Take the plunge and go for it!